In our opinion, the biggest advantage of the LED bulbs is that they help protect the natural enviroment - you could say that they have a positive energy balance in times where our civilization was happy with compact fluorecent bulbs, which were meant to "limit the usege of energy" not many people knew that during the production process there was a much higher energy consumption compared to the amount which could be saved by the consumer.

LED bulbs have other advantages:

  • They do not require a lot of time to heat up so they do not consume additional energy
  • They are not sesitive to frequent use which means they can be used in different type of accomodations
  • They are long lasting and safe to use
  • They do not have materials harmful to the enviroment
  • And they are not very expensive ! :)

It should be taken into considiration that they should not be used with mounts that are commonly refered to as "dimmers".

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